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Challenges of the multi-generational workforce

Anna Liotta

The existence of the multi-generational workforce poses unique challenges to today’s business leaders.

Being a member of the Baby Boomer generation (ages 50 to 68) I assumed there is a log jam of Generation Xers (ages 28 to 49) waiting in the wings to breakthrough the “gray ceiling” for their turn to lead – WRONG! At the July CEOtoCEO Breakfast speaker Anna Liotta shared that over the next 10 years the demand for leaders between the ages of 35 to 45 will increase by 25 percent while the supply of eligible and interested candidates will decrease by 15%.  Whats the leadership transition plan in your organization look like?

A lack of understanding regarding generational differences contributes to conflict within working relationships, lowers productivity, and increases turnover.

As a leader are you experiencing:

  • Frustration about how to recruit and retain quality talent?
  • New hires who resist corporate policies and procedures?
  • Younger staff that think their managers are rigid and inflexible?
  • Mid-level staff who prefer the status quo to climbing the ladder
  • Senior staff frustrated by the lack of work ethic in the younger generation?

If these questions are familiar and you are looking for answers I suggest you connect with Anna Liotta, CEO of Resultance, for her expertise of the multi-generational workforce.  Earlier this year she wrote a book, Unlocking Generational Codes, that is a great handbook for understanding what makes the generations tick and what ticks them off.