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CEOtoCEO participant awarded National SBA Young Entrepreneur of the Year

I recognized that confident smile immediately.  It was CEOtoCEO Breakfast participant Dan Price, Co-founder of Gravity Payments.  Dan was recently recognized as the National SBA Young Entrepreneur of the Year.  Dan’s company works as an intermediary between merchants and credit card companies, has 50 employees and more than 5,000 customers.
I asked Dan to share his experience with the rest of us.  Congratulations and thanks for your thoughts Dan
“It was awesome,” said Price of his meeting with Obama. “It was the coolest thing I’ve ever done.”
I am just very proud to be a part of the Gravity team. Even though it is technically an individual award, it was clearly presented because of the accomplishments we have made supporting small businesses as a team. I was afforded 45 minutes in the Rose Garden with President Obama, two Governors, and members of congress. I found everyone engaging, open to my ideas, and appreciative of our work. The President emphasized that he sees small business leading out of the recession and recognized that 2 out of 3 new jobs created come from entrepreneurs like me.
In the meantime, not a lot changes…we still need to focus on providing merchant processing at half the cost of competitors, keep our focus on transparency and honesty, and continue to provide world class customer service. It was a great award, but full steam ahead…we haven’t quite arrived yet!
Congratulations Dan.  Look forward to seeing you at the CEOtoCEO.