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Innovation is “Hot Topic” for everyone

We had the privilege of having David Allen, Executive Vice President of McKinstry speak to our packed house of CEOs last week and as usual, it was both entertaining and insightful. There were many highlights, which we will continue to share in subsequent blog posts, that focused on real world examples of how McKinstry is innovating all the time and how other companies are as well.  It was also great to hear some of the insights to their process on innovation and how they failed far more than succeeded – which led them to a leadership position.

David shared both the history of McKinstry and how they started as a small plumbing company on Main Street in downtown Bellevue and now are one of the most respected organizations in the PNW and around the country.  Even President Obama has visited David and Dean (his brother and President) and honored them with an award for their green initiatives and advancements.

Here is a video clip of just a small portion of David’s presentation.  It was interesting to see how McKinstry is approaching innovation and how this ties into comments and suggestions from Harvard Business Review and Ford for example.

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