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Strategic Map is a great tool for sharing your vision

I had the privilege of getting to meet and talk with Randy Gardner, CEO of Red Dot Corporation a while back and he shared with me a great story. He attended one of our CEOtoCEO Breakfast meetings and saw David Katri from Clark Nuber present their Strategic Map. He really grabbed onto that idea and felt he could use a tool like this in his own company. Below is a recent letter he sent me that I wanted to share with you because it is applicable to just about every CEO and business. Thanks Randy…

Over the past several years Red Dot had identified its Core Values, and established its Mission and Vision Statements; which have been placed on placards throughout the business. Red Dot has also gone to great lengths to communicate these strategic company choices, but as they stand alone, it isn’t entirely clear to the average employee or often managers how they fit into an over company strategy (the big picture).

When I saw the Strategic Map developed by Clark Nuber at the CEOtoCEO Breakfast, I immediately thought it might be a tool to help me communicate the place that Mission, Vision and Values have in Red Dot’s “bigger strategic plan or thinking.” I found it relatively easy to put our thoughts in to Clark Number’s Strategic Map structure, and our Graphic Design Manager worked his magic with regard to the final visual.

In the end, It helped me more easily put the pieces of our strategic thinking in to a succinct, easy to understand graphic that I could use to explain the associations, intent, and roles of Red Dot’s Strategic choices. Even then, strategic thinking is a very conceptual domain, and isn’t grasped by everyone who sees it. However, it is a great teaching tool for Red Dot’s leadership, and a solid reference for up and coming management prospects who will need to do this type of conceptual planning as they progress.

I hope this helps!

Randy Gardiner
President & CEO

direct line (206) 394-3553

"Strategic Map" keeps teams focused

I recently talked about how great a place Clark Nuber, PS was to work for how they have been recognized in a number of ways for this accomplishment. But what makes a firm a great place to work? This is often a question I get asked when I am consulting with other organizations so I thought I would ask Dave Katri, President and CEO of Clark Nuber to share  “secret sauce” is to achieving high performance and morale.  Dave, being the open and sharing person he is, gave me one of the key ingredients to their success – a “strategic map”. This map allows Clark Nuber to achieve superior operating performance while creating organizational balance. As you can see from this map, it is very detailed and also very focused on what makes an organization really work. There is a solid emphasis on Core Values and People as the primary elements at the beginning of the map – that says a lot right there where their focus lies.The other two areas, Vision/Mission and Strategic Choices are pretty standard in most strategic plans or maps so they need to be included. To me the magic is in the “placement” of these items. Having your Core Values and People in front of the Vision says something much different than the other way around.After attending one of our CEOtoCEO sessions, Randy Gardiner, CEO of Red Dot Corporation took a copy of the Clark Nuber “strategic map” from the breakfast and created one for his organization. Do you have a “strategic map” and if so, does it look something like this one? Let me know…

Clark Nuber – A great local firm

I just wanted to give a special thanks to Dave Katri, President and CEO of Clark Nuber P.S. for taking time to share some great insights with us at our CEOtoCEO breakfast in July. He had some great insights, observations and stories to share with us.One area that I wanted to personally congratulate Dave on is how they have been consistently recognized as one of the best places to work in the area. For example, I didn’t realize, until hearing Dave share his story, how many awards they have won. These awards range from “Best Company” awards to “Innovation” and “Best Places to Work” type awards. They have obviously done a great job under Dave’s reign as the leader of this Bellevue accounting and consulting firm.

  • I thought I would take a minute and just share with you some of the awards they have received:
  • Inside Public Accounting “Best of Best Award”
  • Seattle Business Magazine “Best Company”
  • Washington CEO Magazine “Best Company”
  • Society of Human Resource Management “Top 25 Small Companies in the Nation”
  • Practical Accounting “Practice Innovation Award”
  • Bellevue Chamber “Eastside Business of the Year”
  • Leading Edge Alliance “Innovative Firm of the Year”

Well done!! Thanks again for sharing some of your “secrets to success”.