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Increased employee engagement a key to improved team performance

One of the keys to the improved performance of the Mariners that Jack shared is the focus on building a roster of engaged team members.  Engaged employees are those that exert discretionary effort, are enthusiastic about their jobs, and their intend to stay with the organization.   
An increasing number of business leaders that I work with are taking note of employee engagement because of the growing evidence that an engaged workforce shapes more traditional business outcomes like retention, client satisfaction, sales, costs, and profit. 
In a three year study involving the winners of Best Companies To Work For initiatives across the United States, we assessed the impact of high engagement on business success. Among winning companies:
• 87% reported increases in sales
• 86% reported an increased market share
• 57% reported improving employee turnover
• 90% reported higher stock prices (among publicly traded companies)
Leaders of some of the Best Companies to Work For in Washington shared ideas on how they improve their team’s performance at our recent CEOtoCEO Breakfast.  Best Workplace CEOs participating at the breakfast include Mike Mayes of Mayes Testing, Tim Gibbons of Pharmacy One Source,  Jeff Lyon of GVA Kidder Matthews, Eric Overton of Sparling, Brian Paulen of the Madrona Solutions Group and Richard Law of Allysis.
I welcome your thoughts and questions on employee engagement.

Mariners secret to retaining top talent Felix Hernandez

At our recent CEOtoCEO Breakfast speaker Jack Zduriencik, GM of the Mariners, was asked to share the secret to retaining Felix Hernandez the team’s Ace pitcher for the next five years. Jack modestly told us it was easy …. “What’s not to like about being paid $78 M for 5 years when you’re 23 years old?” Baseball pundits say Felix’s performance was worth significantly more money than what he agreed to with the Mariners.A secret to keeping top talent? Jack told the executives in attendance that when the Mariners shared the organizations values, vision and mission of the future, and strategies to develop and retain top talent with Felix his response was “I’m in.”

Improving team productivity and morale in challenging times

Coming up at our CEOtoCEO Breakfast the beginning of 2010 we have a special guest – Jack Zduriencik (zur-EN-sik). Jack was named the General Manager of the Seattle Mariners on Oct. 22, 2008.

He will share some of his experiences from being in the role just a few months. In his first few months on the job, he re-organized the Mariners Baseball Operations, Scouting and Player Development staffs, and has added talent to both the Major League and minor league rosters. In his first year with the Mariners, he helped build the most improved team in baseball, turning a 101-loss team into an 85-77 team in 2009.

Jack will be sharing his secrets of success from the 2009 season and his plans for improving the Mariners in 2010 season at our January 27th CEOtoCEO Breakfast. Keep an eye on my blog for more information….