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Social Media’s Place in B2B Marketing

John Rubino, President of Green Rubino, a truly integrated marketing firm led the discussion “Keys to Success In a Social Media Marketing World” at the November CEOtoCEO Breakfast.

A marketing question I share with others is “Where does social media fit in with the traditional marketing channels used in B2B?”

John provided some great insight to my question at the breakfast by using this helpful chart in his presentation.  If you are wading into the social media marketing pool and looking for sound advice consider joining the CEO Discussion Group.  John Rubino and my cohort in crime Blaine are both members.  Both are very knowledgeable and helpful.

Employee turnover: A good or bad thing?

At our CEOtoCEO breakfast we had the privelege of hearing from several CEOs and Leaders about why their companies were voted some of the best to work for in the Seattle area.  It was great to hear all the different perspectives and ideas that make these some great companies to work for.

John Rubino, President of GreenRubino, was one of these such leaders who shared his insights.  They are a marketing firm that helps organizations in the area of brand, advertising, media, design, and public relations, to give you some idea of his services.  He has been very successful in keeping the right people and attracting the best talent in a tough economy.  When 55% of employees plan to change jobs, careers, and industries when the economy improves, it is important to create an environment that is not only positive but fosters growth.  I believe this number and see it every day in my dealings with CEOs.  In the last year alone I’ve had my share of friends and associates sharing interest in finding the greener grass on the other side of the fence.

John shared two reasons why employee turnover is disruptive and costly  to the health of business.  John credits the creation of a workplace that attracts and keeps key talent as one of the reasons the company continues to grow even during the recession.  He shared some of his secrets to success in the video clip we captured during our July CEOtoCEO breakfast series.