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Customers talk to others about the brands they trust

At the CEOtoCEO Breakfast last week Kurt Dammeier, CEO of Sugar Mountain shared the brand tenets his company beechersembraces that naturally converts customers and clients into passionate Mavens (brand ambassadors) and who in turn spread the positive buzz for his businesses.

Kurt stressed how important it is to gain your customers trust as a key to increasing word of mouth promotion of your business.  One way to gain trust is to emphasize who you are (your company) more that what you are (products and services).  If customers like who you are and what you’re about they will trust you more and share that with others.

Kurt’s demonstrates transparency to build trust with customers by locating his company Beecher’s Cheese  is in downtown Seattle and New York with ample windows for customers to view the cheese being made.

Speaking of windows Kurt spoke to how charity is also an important tenet to the Sugar Mountain brand as it provides customers a “window into the soul of the company”.  To walk the talk Beecher’s created and manages the Beecher’s Flagship Foundation that provides educational programs on healthy eating to Puget Sound schools.  One-percent of Beecher’s sales dollars helps fund the foundation.

What are you doing to build trust and your brand with your internal and external customers?  Answers to that question may start a word of mouth epidemic for your business!  Now that’s really something to talk about.