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NCA Event – must attend for CEOs

I’ve gotten to know Tom Gobeille, CEO of NCA, as a passionate and recognized thought leader in the IT world. Tom is one with the rare ability to see around the corner and openly sharing his visions with others to gain their insight then combining those thoughts into some really big thinking.   At the CEOtoCEO Breakfast last week Tom provided some great insights as to how mobility, social media and cloud computing will be impacting our businesses.  One of Tom’s passions is the upcoming NCA Security & Technology Conference that he and his team put together featuring experts from around the world to share where IT is and where it is going.

Rather than “tell” you about all the reasons why you, as a CEO, should attend the event, Tom did a great job of talking about why this event was created, who is speaking, why it is so relevant for CEOs, and how to sign up at our latest CEOtoCEO breakfast.  We happened to capture this on video so we thought the best way to share it with you is to let you hear it from the creator of the event.