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Social Media – Inside and Outside

We all know Social Media is one of, if not the hottest topics of conversation today.  So what?  Why should we, as business owners and leaders, care?  Great questions and EXACTLY what we are lively presentations and discussion are going to be in the next CEOtoCEO Breakfast Series.

As a business owner, there are some questions you might want to be asking yourself in regard to social media.  How is this going to help me increase sales?  How is it going to bring in more of the “right” customers instead of wasting our time with the “wrong” customers.  How is it going to replace my expensive traditional media I have used for years – even though the results are going down?  How can I use it to increase employee loyalty?  How can I use it to create a better “teamwork” environment inside my company?  How can I use it to attract the “right” employees?  These are just a few of the questions that are being asked and will be answered in March.

If  you have thought about social media at all for your business – whether it is thinking “outside” the organization to increase your sales and build more business or whether it is thinking “inside” the organization on how we can use it to improve internal communications and teamwork, we will have some great discussions about BOTH these topics.  Blaine Millet and Clay Loges of


will talk about how this will “change your business” in regard to sales and Richard Law of Allyis will talk about “changing your business” on the inside.