CEO Discussions

Have you ever had a question where you wanted to get input from your “Peers”, your fellow CEOs, Business Owners, and Leaders? 

Have you ever wanted to help a fellow CEO or Business Owner by sharing your insights on a particular problem, based on your past experiences and expertise?

We all have…and it’s because of this we created CEO Discussions.

CEO Discussions is a simple, confidential, real-time way for you to either ask a question of your Peers or answer a question for your Peers.

Did we mention it is Confidential?  Because of power of Social Media, we have created a “locked and secure” group that ONLY CEOs, Presidents, Business Owners can join.  So when you ask a question or provide others with your answers, you are always interacting with your Peers.

Now you never have to “go it alone” in seeking input to a troublesome issue or problem.  With CEO Conversations, you can get input, 24/7, from others that have “been there and done that” inside their own organization – and they can share their thoughts, insights, perspectives, and experiences with you.

Here is how CEO DISCUSSIONS works for you.

It ONLY works if you believe in a “giving and sharing” process.  When one of your Peers asks a question and you have some experience or insight in this particular area, SHARE IT TO THEM.  When you need some insights and perspectives from your peers, ASK YOUR PEERS THE QUESTION and see what they have to share.  That’s it and it’s that simple…give it a try.

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NOTE:  Since this component of CEOtoCEO is just starting up, initially you won’t see lots of questions or lots of responses – but it will continue to build over time.  So help each other out and jump in and be one of the first to ask a question or offer some insights and see how it takes off!