Ask a Question…


The process is simple and all that is required is having a LinkedIn account.   We have created  a “Locked” and “Secure” Linkedin Group called CEOtoCEO Peer Discussion Group.  To access this group, simply sign into your your LinkedIn account and then click on this CEOtoCEO Peer Discussion Group link.

If you don’t already have a LinkedIn account, go to CREATING A LINKEDIN ACCOUNT to get instructions for setting one up.  To join the group,  go to JOINING OUR LINKEDIN GROUP and follow the three easy steps.

How to ASK A QUESTION and PARTICIPATE in the CEOtoCEO Peer Discussion Group

Once you have been approved for the group, simply click on the Question Mark to your left or go to the  “Groups” tab in the Linkedin navigation bar and type in CEOtoCEO Peer Discussion Group and it will take you to a page that allows you to “Start a Discussion” or “Contribute to a Discussion.”

Start a Discussion” allows you to write in your specific question and post it for others to see and provide you with their insights and answers.

That’s it…you have just asked a question your peers can now see and provide you with their feedback.  Since we have just started our ASK A QUESTION program, please be patient and allow time for your peers to join the group and begin providing you with their responses.

If you would like to provide an answer or share your perspectives on a question already  asked, please see the page on ANSWERING A QUESTION.