Joining our “LinkedIn” Group

To join our CEOtoCEO Peer Discussion Group, simply follow these three steps…

  1. Sign into your Linkedin account.
  2. Go to the upper right portion of the “navigation bar” and you will see a search box.  The “drop down box” usually defaults to “People” – Click on the drop down arrow and select “Groups”.
  3. Type in “CEOtoCEO” and click search.  You will then see our group, “CEOtoCEO Peer Discussion Group“.  Click on this group and it will take you to a page where you can send us a “request” to join the group.  You will have to submit a “request” to join the group since it is a “Private and Secured Group” and we approve all members to ensure they are CEOs or Business Owners or Leaders, not people always trying to sell you something.  We don’t allow non-leaders to join the group so the answers you get will be from your peers.

That’s it – once we approve you, you are now able to ASK A QUESTION or ANSWER A QUESTION as often as you wish to get input or share your insights with your fellow CEOs and Business Owners.