Do I really want to go in there?

Did you ever drive into the parking lot of a place you worked and not want to go in?  We probably all have.  I don’t know about you but I recall driving up to a couple of places I worked feeling frustrated and less than motivated, to say the least.  I became preoccupied with getting out of those workplaces ASAP.

With the economy being where it is today, there are overwhelming statistics that say a high percentage of workers truly dislike their jobs and would change immediately if given the opportunity – they don’t want to be at work.  With such a high percentage of this happening in the workplace, is it any wonder productivity is down, the customer experience is at an all time low, and morale just plain sucks?  But there are companies that are saying, “I won’t accept this as the norm and we are going to do something about it around here.”

When Patrick Tessier, CEO of Modern Dental Laboratories, started his business, he wanted to create a workplace he personally would feel good about going into when he drove into the parking lot.  His effort to create a culture where his employees feel good about going into work – and it is succeeding.  Under Patrick’s leadership, Modern Dental has been selected a Best Company to Work For the last four years in a row!

To get a better feel for how Patrick has accomplished this and why it is so important to him, we have a brief video clip of when he told the audience at the CEOtoCEO breakfast how and why this was his passion.

How do YOU feel when you drive into the parking lot of YOUR BUSINESS or where YOU work?

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