Get Ready For The 2012 Tax Shakeup – A Closing Window

The top individual tax rates are set to increase soon and many of the most popular tax breaks are in a state of constant flux.  The time to get up to speed and act is NOW!

Andy Cates, Partner at Moss Adams LLP, did a great job of addressing changes in tax laws and actions you can take in 2012 to help you and your business at the May CEOtoCEO Breakfast.

Some tangible actions you can take before the end of 2012 include:

Planning Opportunities In 2012

  • Review your entity structure.
  • Update your wills.
  • Review life insurance structure and cost.
  • Link to your personal financial plan.
  • Consider low AFRs.
  • Know your exit strategy.

Be prepared for IRS examination.

  • A coordinated examination is most efficient and will shorten the amount of time the examination will take.
  • Minimize distractions and stay focused on your business
  • Reduce overall costs by minimizing wasted time and professional fees or internal resources

In 2012 take advantage of expiring tax provisions.

  • Review capital investment plan
  • Life insurance review
  • Business transition & retirement plan
  • Review diversified portfolio for tax-efficient mix that changes as laws do

For more information and assistance contact Andy Cates at  206-302-6372 or

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