How to reduce your Health Care spending

One of the biggest issues I hear about in my interactions with CEOs and Business Owners is “What can I do to reduce my health care costs?” Since one of the main purposes of the CEOtoCEO breakfasts is to bring relevant topics to help businesses run better, I thought we should tackle this subject head on.

In doing so, I have invited David Hansen, the CEO of United Health Care for the Northwest Region to come speak at our next breakfast on November 18th. If you have any interest at all in reducing your health care spending, I would encourage you to come listen to David and see what advice he has to offer you.

I know one area he is going to discuss is a new online resource that is helping businesses of all sizes improve health outcomes and reduce costs by enabling employees to identify and access medical care at the best performing physicians and hospitals. Hopefully he will also discuss so-called “premium designation” resources and other strategies to improve health care outcomes and reduce costs. Being in the industry for over two decades, David has some great perspectives.

I hope you get a chance to meet him on Wednesday. If you don’t and you would like to ask him a question, you can leave a comment below and we can get your questions answered.

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