Improving Employee Engagement and Productivity Using Social Media

An old-timer once told me that there is only one way to kill a rumor….make it a fact. Easier said than done in this period of uncertainty and anxiety in today’s workplace. As leaders we have all know that harmful rumors become “facts” if we do not communicate with employees on a regular basis to keep them engaged and productive.

At the March CEOtoCEO Breakfast speaker Richard Law, CEO of Allysis, shared the following examples of how he keeps employees informed and involved in whats going on in the company using social media tools.

“You Ask, We Answer” Forum Hosted on Intranet
• Anonymous Post Option
• 24 Hour Turn Around Commitment
• Ask Anything … Management Has to Answer
• Deeper Understanding of Company Direction
• Shared Decision Making
• Two Way Conversation

Kudos Program
• Clients & Employees Encouraged to Call Out Exceptional Performance
• All Kudos Posted Monthly; Top 3 Get Awards Quarterly.

Employee Blogs
• All Topics Allowed
• Encourage Sharing of Knowledge
• Quick Insight into Departments, Leadership, Employee Development Opportunities

2 Responses to Improving Employee Engagement and Productivity Using Social Media

  1. There are numerous methods here we haven’t seen before and find very beneficial. Our company is researching the optimal path to achieve our objectives and have found this article beneficial. We would like to determine if there is any other help and advice or articles you might provide to us.

    We’ve been using a portion of the techniques referenced in your report. They seem to be doing relatively fine. We plan on implementing most of the other recommendations you have referenced and seeing how they work. We are attempting this to elevate employee morale, and also help raise their capabilities.

  2. Thank you for the comment and sharing how you are using this information at Vistage. We are happy to provide you with any additional information you need and that we have – just let me know what specifically would be helpful to you.

    We also talk about this among our members and attendees at our breakfast meetings and would be happy to share their insights as well. If you are interested in having us speak at one of your meetings, please let us know as we do this for a number of groups. Thank you…


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