Customer Centric Innovation Teams

Want to learn how to design and embed ‘Customer Centricity’ into your business model, strategies, and company culture?

Become a Member of our “Customer Centric” Innovation Teams

Innovation Teams are small groups of CEOs, business owners, and company presidents who meet for the purpose of shared learning and assisting one another in helping to innovate their businesses…from a leaders point of view.

We call these teams, CUSTOMER CENTRIC INNOVATION TEAMS. The primary purpose of the group is to help each other be more Innovative in a company that either already is Customer Centric or that aspires to be Customer Centric. And Customer Centric isn’t just a nice way of saying we care about our customers…it is a way of life, a passion, an all out focus on how to build a company that is ALL ABOUT THE CUSTOMER. If this is what you, as the leader of your company believe in and are focused on, you will love this group.

This is our second year for our Innovation Teams. This year the teams will have a very specific focus around “innovative thinking and ideas” focused in the area of Customer Centricity…creating a customer focused culture and business. This new focus is being run and managed by Blaine Millet and Mike Langhout, experts in the areas of Customer Experience/Customer Centricity and Leadership Development. They will bring together top executives from similarly sized, noncompeting companies into groups that we call Customer Centric Innovation Teams.  Team members are the rare individuals who have chosen to lead an organization. They run small and mid-market companies. Many have received local, national, and international recognition for their achievements.

In team meetings our members focus on important issues and opportunities by using a highly interactive and proven process that draws on the experience and expertise of the group.  These are no-nonsense resource meetings. Our focus is on solving problems, increasing profits and dealing with the unique challenges faced by individuals at the top with innovative thinking.

Between team meetings we are using the power Social Media to share ongoing discussions in our “private” and “secure” CEO Discussions as a way for you to participate in this level of discussion and dialog INSTANTLY!

It’s about giving ideas and getting ideas back in areas that you wouldn’t have considered before.


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