Joining a CEO Innovation Team

Why should I consider joining a Innovation Team?

CEOtoCEO Innovation Teams help CEOs better manage themselves and improve the performance of their people and their companies.  We designed these teams to help you simply become a better leader.  From our years of experience we have seen the best leaders get input from other leaders and use this to become even better.  None of us have all the answers, but together, we can get closer.

The purpose of these teams is to provide those leaders who want “deeper” knowledge and experience in specific topical areas to get these answers from “content experts” and their “peers”.  The CEOtoCEO Innovation Teams provide exactly that support to you and your organization.

Here are the TOP FIVE reasons we think you should consider joining a CEOtoCEO Innovation Team:

    1. Directly improving your effectiveness as a CEO by exposing you to numerous real life business cases of other companies that share similar issues, allowing you to connect the dots to your own situation.

    2. Enabling clarity of vision, strategic direction, and focus through sound peer advice by exchanging ideas and best practices.

    3. Direct and honest feedback to you about your question and organizations – giving you the assurance that you are making the right decisions for your company, staff, customers and investors.

    4. Improve company performance and allowing you to become a more effective leader.

    5. Expanding your network from a few individuals to a diverse group of seasoned leaders to share ideas and best practices with in real time with CEO Peer Discussions.