Is EVERYONE optimistic about the economy in 2012?

It seems like this question is back in front of everyone’s mind these days we as we enter into an election year and have now finished the first quarter of 2012.  I have been asked this question more in the past month than the past three – so there must be a reason.  The primary question, “As I talk to hundreds of CEOs, am I hearing that they are more optimistic about the rest of 2012 or less optimistic?”

One article that came out from the Chief group was interesting and while it focused on larger organizations, there we some interesting take-aways that smaller and mid-sized ($250M and below) can take away from this type of study.  The article, “CEOs of Billion-Dollar Companies Most Optimistic in April.”  They surveyed 276 people in developing this confidence index – not a huge group but certainly enough in this larger size space.  Here are a few highlights for you in case you don’t want to read the entire study…

  • Over 71% of the CEOs of companies over $1B in revenue said they expect business conditions to be “at least good” in 2012 as compared to 2011.  Companies from $100M to $1B felt almost exactly the same, 70.5% of their CEOs said the same thing.
  • Most predictions and feelings depended heavily on the November presidential election.
  • Most felt that economic growth would be “hindered” if Obama was reelected – mostly because of tax structures and programs he is supporting and not supporting for business

How do you feel?  Is this the same sentiment you have as a CEO and Business Owner?  We would love to hear your thoughts/comments and allow others to share them as well.  We have also posted this question on our CEOtoCEO Private Discussion Group on LinkedIn if you would rather comment “behind closed doors” with just your peers.  But if you would like to have all our readers hear what you have to say, just click “Leave a Comment” below and give us your thoughts.  Thanks…

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