John Schneider’s Partnership with Pete Carroll

Seahawks logoWe had the opportunity back in the fall to have John Schneider, General Manager of the (SuperBowl bound) Seattle Seahawks speak to us at one of our CEOtoCEO breakfast meetings. What a treat…both from John being very entertaining with his dry sense of humor but the insights he shared with us about the Seahawks organization. We were honored to have him speak and now that the Seahawks are in the Superbowl (GO HAWKS!!) his comments provide some real background on why.

We want to share some different pieces of his speech with you over the next couple of weeks to give you some more insight into not only John, but about Pete Carroll and how they worked together to create what has surely been a historical season.

To start, we wanted to share an interesting segment from his speech where he talked about Pete Carroll’s background as well as his and how they ended up at the Seahawks and creating this amazing partnership that has had such incredible success. I will let you know this is about 7 minutes long so I would encourage you to watch when you have the time so you can hear all of it at once.

As you can see, they both failed…in many people’s eyes. But if you know anything about failure, it is simply the next step to success or as the famous Thomas Edison put it, it simply tells you what doesn’t work so you don’t have to try that again and can move onto finding what does work. They both figured this out, were motivated beyond their “failures” and came together to create an incredible machine called the “Legion of Boom” and the best team in the NFC division of the NFL…not bad for a couple of guys that failed a few times!

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