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Back To the Stone Age? New Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Bans Working From Home Good idea or bad idea? What are your thoughts?

Marissa Mayer
Marissa Mayer

We recently asked members of the online CEO Discussion Group what they thought of Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayers decision to ban working from home.  Thought you might be interested in some of the comments from your peer leaders.

“It is all about creating cultures for the new reality of business.” 

“Hire the best people, wherever and whoever they are and trust them to do what they need to accomplish.”

“I think most people miss the point. If you are worried about people being less productive at home, it isn’t a physical issue, it is a hiring and management issue. Maybe you don’t have the right people on board if this is a big issue. Maybe your managers don’t know how to manage a remote employee? Maybe the right processes aren’t in place to help this work for everyone…”

“It seems to me the company needs to be ALL virtual or ALL localized…”

“Our company of 20 people uses videoconferencing extensively to get things done efficiently while still maintaining good working relationships across the country and even across continents.”

“Come on we are human beings, if you don’t pull yourself out of home for the purpose of work, and have no supervision; you just don’t work as hard or as efficiently.”

Good idea or bad idea?  What are your thoughts?

Where does CULTURE come from…Top Down or Bottom Up?

We had a great group of panelists at our February 7th CEOtoCEO breakfast event and as we promised, we want to share some of the video highlights as well as some of the answers to certain questions. One question that came from the audience and got lots of attention was in regard to CULTURE – that elusive, yet powerful force in all our companies.

The question was simple, albeit the answers more difficult. The question was, “Where is the Culture established from inside your organization, from the top down or from the bottom up?” Great question and one that received some equally great answers from the two “Bryan’s” on our panel (even though they are spelled differently), Brian Paulen, CEO of Madrona Solutions Group, Inc. and Bryan Mistele, CEO of Inrix. Listen to what they had to say about their views of culture and how it impacts the people inside their organizations.

If you have some additional questions for either Brian or Bryan, just let us know and we will ask them and give you their answers in the comments below. If you have another comment or question that was triggered as you listen to their answers, please share it with us in the comments below. You can also ask our other 100+ CEOs the same question by posting it on our LinkedIn Discussion Group as well. Thank you for contributing…

Challenges of the multi-generational workforce

Anna Liotta

The existence of the multi-generational workforce poses unique challenges to today’s business leaders.

Being a member of the Baby Boomer generation (ages 50 to 68) I assumed there is a log jam of Generation Xers (ages 28 to 49) waiting in the wings to breakthrough the “gray ceiling” for their turn to lead – WRONG! At the July CEOtoCEO Breakfast speaker Anna Liotta shared that over the next 10 years the demand for leaders between the ages of 35 to 45 will increase by 25 percent while the supply of eligible and interested candidates will decrease by 15%.  Whats the leadership transition plan in your organization look like?

A lack of understanding regarding generational differences contributes to conflict within working relationships, lowers productivity, and increases turnover.

As a leader are you experiencing:

  • Frustration about how to recruit and retain quality talent?
  • New hires who resist corporate policies and procedures?
  • Younger staff that think their managers are rigid and inflexible?
  • Mid-level staff who prefer the status quo to climbing the ladder
  • Senior staff frustrated by the lack of work ethic in the younger generation?

If these questions are familiar and you are looking for answers I suggest you connect with Anna Liotta, CEO of Resultance, for her expertise of the multi-generational workforce.  Earlier this year she wrote a book, Unlocking Generational Codes, that is a great handbook for understanding what makes the generations tick and what ticks them off.

CEOtoCEO participant awarded National SBA Young Entrepreneur of the Year

I recognized that confident smile immediately.  It was CEOtoCEO Breakfast participant Dan Price, Co-founder of Gravity Payments.  Dan was recently recognized as the National SBA Young Entrepreneur of the Year.  Dan’s company works as an intermediary between merchants and credit card companies, has 50 employees and more than 5,000 customers.
I asked Dan to share his experience with the rest of us.  Congratulations and thanks for your thoughts Dan
“It was awesome,” said Price of his meeting with Obama. “It was the coolest thing I’ve ever done.”
I am just very proud to be a part of the Gravity team. Even though it is technically an individual award, it was clearly presented because of the accomplishments we have made supporting small businesses as a team. I was afforded 45 minutes in the Rose Garden with President Obama, two Governors, and members of congress. I found everyone engaging, open to my ideas, and appreciative of our work. The President emphasized that he sees small business leading out of the recession and recognized that 2 out of 3 new jobs created come from entrepreneurs like me.
In the meantime, not a lot changes…we still need to focus on providing merchant processing at half the cost of competitors, keep our focus on transparency and honesty, and continue to provide world class customer service. It was a great award, but full steam ahead…we haven’t quite arrived yet!
Congratulations Dan.  Look forward to seeing you at the CEOtoCEO.

CEOtoCEO provides helpful advice from peer leaders

Jeanne Wintz of Gilmore Research Group is a regular at the CEOtoCEO BreakfastCEOtoCEO Breakfast in large part because of the valued input she gives and receives from other participating business leaders.

A few months back Jeanne arrived at a  with a heavy heart and looking for advise and support from other business leaders. After a rigorous budgeting process evaluating the impact of the economic turndown, the decision was just made to layoff a number of employees throughout the organization. The decision had been made carefully and seemed to be the best move to make for the long-term viability of the company, but it wasn’t a comfortable choice for a company with a 60-year history and a strong reputation for loyalty to its workforce.

As with other business leaders she was concerned about how the layoffs were going to impact productivity and morale of the surviving staff. Sharing her situation with other leaders seated at her table she received great advice from these empathetic and experienced colleagues on how to go about implementing the layoffs and keeping remaining employees engaged. In a meeting with Jeanne last week she commented that the input she received at the breakfast enabled her to carry out the plan with confidence and be more effective while leading the organization through this difficult time.

To help solve your problems with solutions from other leadership peers plan to participate at one of our CEOtoCEO Breakfasts soon.