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How many “Four Thinkers” work in your organization?

At the start of the July CEOtoCEO Breakfast John Hartman asked the 52 CEOs attending, “What are some of the qualities and characteristics of your best employees?”

As with most CEOs, they aren’t shy so a number of responses rang out.  They  were great responses and were covering just about every area you could think of, such as honest, self-motivated, smart, team player, etc.  But then one response came from the middle of the room, “four thinkers” was the response.  Wait a minute, and everyone stopped shouting ideas for a moment as I’m sure they were asking the  same question, “What is a four thinker?”  And who said it?

As we looked around the room, we noticed it was one of the regular attendees of the CEOtoCEO breakfast events, none other than Lisa Pike, CEO of ScribeRight Transcription Services.  If you know Lisa, you first know she isn’t shy about offering suggestions or asking great questions.  But this one had us all stumped, what was this “four thinker” thing she was talking about?

She went on to explain that her best employees are “Four-Thinkers.” She said, “Almost any employee, if you show them the steps along the way of 1, 2, and 3, can perform 1, 2, and 3.  But what most can’t think of is 4 on their own. Unfortunately, many people are not taught to think that way; they just do what they’ve been shown. When you find the rare person who uses initiative and logic to figure out and act on #4, you have a valuable gem!”  Great insight – thank you Lisa.

If you haven’t attended a CEOtoCEO breakfast event for a while, see what you have been missing?  Sign up for the next one on September 29th and catch all the action and great insights – like the “Four Thinkers” from Lisa.