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To innovate you need to be “Remarkable”

During one of our CEO Innovation Team meetings we talked about differentiation. Not what most think about just having a product or service that is slightly different or better than the competition, but truly differentiated – both in product/service and experience. The concept of “Being Remarkable” was introduced by a well-known thought leader in both business and Marketing, Seth Godin.

Seth wrote a book a few years back, The Purple Cow, where he introduced this concept of “Being Remarkable.” Only it isn’t exactly what you think. It isn’t just being special, it is “having people ‘remark’ about your or talk about you.” This is what gets spread…

He also talked about being “very good” and being “very good” is actually just being average. You can be very good at what you do, perhaps the best, but if everyone else is doing the same thing, this isn’t really differentiating or sustainable. This concept is critical for companies and individuals who truly want to innovate and those that want to build of culture of innovation. In other words, how can you consider yourself to be an innovative company if you aren’t being talked about by others? But if you are innovative, you can also be remarkable, and this is what true differentiation is about.

But don’t just take our word for it, you can watch a short 5 minute video of Seth explaining this himself…definitely well worth 5 minutes of your time if you are a leader of anything!

So what did you think? After seeing Seth’s description of “Remarkable”, would you consider your company to be innovative to a point where people “remark about it? If so, please share it – we can all learn more by hearing your success stories. If not, why not? Share that too…