Three Important Questions….

At the beginning of the November CEOtoCEO Breakfast Pat Chestnut, CEO of AAOA Healthcare, posed three feedbackquestions to the 59 CEO’s and Business Owners in attendance.  The questions and highest rated responses (in red) are as follows:

1.  Why do you provide benefits?

a) Because I should.

b) My competitor’s do.

c) To attract and retain employees.

d) My wife told me I had to.

2.  What is your strategy to address healthcare reform?

a) Buy whatever has the lowest cost.

b) Shop every year.

c) Change carriers to lower cost.

d) Hope healthcare reform goes away.

e) Rely on my broker to tell me what to do.

3.  How are you budgeting for the increasing cost of healthcare?

a) Find the best plan I can afford each year.

b) Splitting the increasing costs with employees.

c) Reducing employers contributions for employees and dependents.

d) Sending employees to the government exchange.

e) Not providing benefits.

How would your answers compare and contrast with your peers?


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