Tip from Seahawks leaders: Check your ego at the door.

Seahawks Harvin FootballJohn Schneider, General Manager and Executive Vice President, of the Seattle Seahawks shared the partnership he enjoys with head coach Pete Carroll and their working relationship at the September CEOtoCEO Breakfast.  One of the keys to their relationship that contributes to the success of the Seahawks John shared is to not let ego’s of the individuals get in the way of what is best for the team.  John’s comments to the group exemplified this as those attending appreciated his no ego conversation style.

I grew up in Wisconsin during the Vince Lombardi led Packer Glory years of the 1960’s.  From and early an early age I was drawn to the core philosophies of successful coaches.  Considering and ascribing to some of these philosophies have served me well in a number of leadership positions and situations.  Thought I would share some of John Schneider and Pete Carroll’s philosophies from John’s presentation.

“Let’s do it better than anyone has ever done it before!”

ALWAYS COMPETE” (either you’re competing or your not)


“EVERYTHING COUNTS” (You’re being evaluated in everything you do, not just on the football field.)   Building a “Consistent Championship Caliber Football Team” (Fan Base has hope every year)

PLAN = What’s next on the Horizon COMMUNICATE = Effective Conversations WORK = Out-work Opponents

NO EGO   * Most important thing is what’s best for the organization.  Not what’s best for Pete Carroll or John Schneider.

* Whatever is best for the organization should be the best for us.

* Nobody has all the answers…nobody.


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