How to Get Your Employees Back to Work

Thursday, September 10, 2020
Patrick Chestnut

Patrick Chestnut


Matt Shaffer

Matt Shaffer

Chief Recovery Officer


Pat Chestnut and Matt Shaffer of AristaPoint joined us to explain their new Safe Work Return program and why companies need to have a risk-management strategy for preventing COVID-19 infections in the workplace.

Business productivity is declining, mental health issues are increasing, and employees working remotely are longing for social interactions in their work life.

Avoiding risk by remaining shut down, or operating at partial capacity is no longer an effective solution for businesses. Managing risk is what will allow companies to get back to full operating capacity.

The Safe Work Return program is a multi-layered risk management program that includes:

  1. Baseline Testing from BioIQ
  2. Symptom Checker
  3. Activity Tracker and Education

Baseline Testing

By testing all employees, a company can understand its current risk status by identifying any infected employees. This is very important because many people infected with COVID-19 are asymptomatic and are NOT aware that they are infected. AristaPoint has partnered with BioIQ to provide non-invasive saliva COVID-19 tests that employees can easily self-administer.

Symptom Checker

Employers are required under the WA Safe Start Plan to screen employees for COVID-19 in accordance with public health guidelines before they enter the workplace. The Symptom Checker is a daily web-based survey based on CDC guidance that helps employers meet this requirement.

Activity Tracker

The Activity Tracker is a web-based survey that assigns an exposure risk score to employees' daily activities. The survey educates employees on the different risk levels of their activities, helping the employee and employer manage COVID-19 exposure risk.

Safe Work Return Program Advantages

  • One integrated system for symptom tracking and temperature recording
  • Easy to use
  • Paperless
  • No apps to download - it's web-based
  • No location tracking

The Safe Work Return program can be implemented within a week for most companies.

Watch the video from the presentation and learn more about the program at

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