How Great Leaders Bring Out the Best in People

Thursday, March 9, 2023
Michael  Beck

Michael Beck

Eliciting Excellence


Challenging times requires Great leadership and it goes beyond developing good strategies and making smart decisions. Great leaders also bring out the best in people. Bringing out the best in people enhances engagements, reduces turnover, and maximizes results.

Michael Beck is a nationally acclaimed executive coach, business strategist, and author of the highly rated leadership book, "Eliciting Excellence". His work with executives helps leaders adapt to these challenging times with new skills and approaches that go beyond the traditional leadership concepts.

The research is clear about engagement and Michael will cover the 5 keys to bringing out the best in people to give your company the competitive edge. This presentation will be packed with ideas and concepts you can implement today as a leader in your company.

Michael Beck brings the full force of his experience to the table, gained over 35 years of domestic and international work across a broad range of industries and professions. He has coached executives from a wide range of mid-market organizations in diverse industries including construction, financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, technology and defense.

Michael's credentials include an MBA in Finance from the Wharton School of Business along with degrees in Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.

Michael has given over 100 talks on the topics of leadership, productivity, and success principles to corporate, local, regional, and national audiences. He is the author of "Eliciting Excellence" and has been a contributor to a variety of national and international publications such as Personal Excellence, Smart Choice, Insurance Marketing, Journal of Property Management, American Agent & Broker, the Portland Business Journal, People Matters and Oregon Business Magazine.

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