Stop Marketing: Your Customers are Dying to Do It for You

Thursday, July 22, 2021
Blaine Millet

Blaine Millet

President & Chief Advocate


Blaine Millet, President and Chief Advocate at WOM10, joined CEOtoCEO to talk about something he's passionate about, helping businesses to truly become unique and differentiated. So differentiated that customers rave about a business and go out of their way to talk about their products or services.

The focus of his book, "Stop Marketing - Your Customers are Dying to Do It for You, How to become 'REMARK"ableTM'" and his presentation, is to help businesses put the customer at the center of their business.

Businesses that truly differentiate can benefit from increased revenue, improved customer loyalty, and brand recognition, and happier employees. When customers are ecstatic and they love working with them, they stay, and tell others about them.

Blaine recommends that traditional marketing dollars be reallocated to areas that cause customers to want to be proactively telling others about them. The ultimate goal is to transform a business from traditional marketing to one in which their customers do it for them. One key ingredient to become REMARKable is to be "Customer Obsessed," putting customers at the center of the business ahead of products and services. Blaine sited several examples of customer obsessed businesses including, Nordstrom, Amazon, and Zappos.

Blaine discussed "The 'REMARK'able Triangle" he developed to illustrate the cornerstones needed to build a Customer Obsessed business. The primary focus is trust, helping customers, and building a truly exceptional customer journey.

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