The Office Dilemma: Return? Remote? Hybrid?

Thursday, June 9, 2022
Brian Paulen

Brian Paulen

Managing Partner
West Monroe


Brian Paulen joined CEOtoCEO this morning to share his expertise and experience with "The Office Dilemma" and how West Monroe is managing hybrid staffing in the post-pandemic world.

Brian is the Managing Partner with West Monroe, a multidisciplinary management consulting firm with geographically dispersed offices and 2,100 employees.

Brian shared that West Monroe is a "people first company" and they've based their hybrid delivery model on trust. Employees are entrusted to do the right thing for themselves, for the company, and for clients.

West Monroe built their currently delivery model with survey data from both clients and employees. 92% of their clients said they want to see travel return to pre-pandemic levels. Brian explained West Monroe's Client Delivery Models which define the type and frequency of travel and on-site options for clients.

He also shared their Employee Type classifications which include Market, Remote, and Virtual. Every employee is designated in one of these classifications, however, they can change their classification based on employee and client needs.

West Monroe employees value being back in the office interacting with peers. Most of the employees are choosing to be "Market" or in office while only a small number are choosing to be virtual.

West Monroe believes that the hybrid delivery model provides value to employees while in the office, and flexibility when they work remotely. He shared his recommendations, and best practices, for business leaders to consider when managing "The Office Dilemma."

Brian said that the model West Monroe uses is not a "one size fits all" model, and that their plan is not static. They get feedback from clients and employees on a regular basis and they make changes to the delivery model as needed.

Brian emphasized the importance of consistency - in common messaging, common practices, and in building a sense of community at each of their firm locations.

West Monroe management leads by example by being visible and transparent about where they are, and engaging in conversations with employees on how best to drive value with the existing delivery model.

Brian shared several innovative ways that West Monroe is engaging employees across their locations that won't break the budget and the importance of making "Moments that Matter" for their employees and clients.

Watch Brian's full presentation to gain access to the important information he shared about how West Monroe developed and implemented their Hybrid Delivery Model.

If you have a follow up question for Brian Paulen, please email him at

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