Transportation in Seattle: The New Reality

Thursday, April 14, 2022
Bryan  Mistele

Bryan Mistele



Bryan Mistele joined CEOtoCEO on April 14 and delivered important and intriguing presentation on the transportation in Puget Sound and the New Reality post pandemic.

As a business leader, or business owner, knowing what the current and future outlook for transportation, and regional travel, is extremely important. The information that Bryan shared can be used for future planning, and work scheduling.

Travel has decreased throughout the Seattle region with the travel to dense downtown areas decreasing by even more. Transit ridership is about 50% of what is was pre-pandemic due to telecommuting, covid fears, the crime increase in urban areas, and other modes of transportation (ex. e-bikes, company shuttles, etc.) which have become more prevalent.

The result is that urban centers of Seattle and Bellevue are experiencing reductions in trips which can translate to less business for retailers and restaurants.

Data that Bryan shared shows that people are migrating out of urban neighborhoods, but they are not moving far as most are moving to the suburbs and outlying areas. This migration of people, and employees, has changed the landscape and commute patterns in the region.

Bryan shared "The New Reality - 6 Undeniable Trends" in regional and national transportation.

1. Commute patterns have changed, probably forever

2. "Urbanization" has reversed to "De-Urbanization"

3. Flexible transportation has never been more important

4. Electrification of everything

5. Autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles will greatly improve safety

6. Dramatic investment by private sector in mobility

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