How to Write a Book: Become an Author & Write a Book

Thursday, November 17, 2022
Sheree Trask

Sheree Trask

Best Selling Author / Ghostwriter


Have you ever wondered what it would take to write a book?

Sheree Trask has been helping leaders tell their story and create the most important tool in their toolkit by becoming an author.

If you have always thought about the idea of writing a book. Understanding the process, knowing what to write about, the difference between using a ghost writer or book coach to create the content, and getting the truth about the publishing options and expectations can bring your idea from concept to reality.

As a leader you share ideas and coach your team members every day. Becoming an author helps you build credibility and allows you to share your valuable experience and expertise with others.

Writing a book is a great way to increase your social capital while establishing you as a credible leader and trusted figure that others in your industry will respect as a reliable source of information.

No matter how effectively you communicate your knowledge through meetings, blogs, podcasts and video, nothing demonstrates authority and spreads influence like a printed book.

Smart leaders make their book a central tool in promoting their company, using it as a super-charged business card to attract prospects, onboard clients and team members, develop partnerships.

Sheree Trask is a seasoned Ghostwriter, Nonfiction Book Writing Coach and the Best Selling Author of Surviving Silence: A Healing Path to Living Out Loud After Trauma.

She supports coaches, healers, and transformational leaders ready to write their transformational book so they can make a bigger impact, build authority and be recognized as a leader in their field. Sheree has ghostwritten books for some of the most influential names in the personal development and holistic health space, having her work published with Hay House, Inc. in 2018.

She is on a mission to help transform the hearts and minds of humanity through courageous storytelling so that together, we can raise the collective consciousness of our world and truly be free to live-unapologetically out loud.

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