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Thursday, October 18, 2018
Daniella Young

Daniella Young

Cultural Forte


At the October Breakfast, Daniella Young welcomed CEOtoCEO back to Seattle with her captivating and engaging story. Drawing on lessons learned from her upbringing in the Children of God cult, her subsequent escape from it,

and her experience in ground combat as a female Captain in the US Army, Daniella detailed her TEAMS framework for building a strong company culture.

T: Task - Strong teams function with a specific purpose. A task is often clearer than a company's mission. How are we making this company better? is the question that teams ask internally.

E: Essential - Team members and employees that feel as if they are essential to the team's ability to complete their task are the most productive and fulfilled. Make your employees feel unreplaceable, and you will see results.

A: Authority - You are the boss, and you are the boss for a reason. You are an expert in your field. But your employees have their own areas of expertise as well, areas where they are the authority. When you empower your team members to act as authorities in a given area, they are bound to focus on how they can help the company using their unique skillsets.

M: Muscle Memory - When team members know the task and understand their essential function within it, the seeds of company culture really start to blossom. Group Memory forms so that loss of any individual team member is mitigated by the group and their collective ability to complete a task

S: Support - Strong cultures are only sustainable if they are built on support rather than fear. Humans crave security and safety. Your employees are no different.

Many thanks to Daniella for sharing these useful strategies and insights with our group of business leaders.

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