The Big Sort & The Parallel Economy: The Shift in America

Thursday, April 11, 2024
Todd Herman

Todd Herman

Todd Herman Show & Podcast


Todd Herman is one of the very few broadcasters have risen to the national stage addressing change in America, generating enormous audiences, and leading the discussion about the trends that these rapid changes are creating.

The Big Sort and the Parallel Economy is emerging and Americans have lost faith in institutions as the changes are coming at an increasing pace.

People have lost faith in their state governments and families are sorting themselves geographically, evidenced by the massive outflow of people from California and the ongoing attempt by citizens of rural Oregon to secede by joining themselves to Idaho, to form a new state.

What has emerged in the wake of these events is the beginning of a "Parallel Economy."

Utah and several other states have created "Goldbacks", spendable gold bullion. Advanced and broad barter networks operate in states like Idaho, as crypto-currencies continue to ascend.

Mainstream media is no longer respected by the public, and journalists, hosts, and other media personalities are leaving network affiliations making more money and reaching more people in digital platforms.

Public Health authorities are viewed negatively by a majority of people, and direct-to-patient healthcare clinics operating outside of the insurance and pharma monolith are increasing serving both high-end clientele and the economically less well off.

The government school systems struggle with enrollment and have seen more exits of families than anytime in modern history as parents choose different approaches to educate their children.

Life in America is changing and Executives must quickly gain an understanding of the factors driving the Big Sort and the parallel economy and decide how their businesses fit into it ... or, if they are threatened by it.

Todd Herman is a nationally recognized talk radio personality that was a market-dominant talk radio host in Seattle, and a regular fill-in for the most successful radio host in history, Rush Limbaugh.

In 2020, he turned away an opportunity for a 5-year national contract in radio for two reasons, he was unwilling to work under an increasingly strict and capricious series of speech codes, and he wanted to put God at the center of his program.

In early 2021, he went directly to Podcasting, which was a full circle moment for Todd, who was founder and CEO of the Dial, the first Internet Radio network, backed by the Draper-Fisher family of venture funds.

God rewarded his step of faith by placing the Podcast in the top 1/2 of 1% of Podcasts worldwide. The blessing increased with two national radio programs, a weekend show on the Radio America network, (with 570 KVI in Seattle as flagship affiliate and KSBN in Spokane as the Eastern Washington home) and a weekday show on 184 FM stations of the American Family Radio network.

Todd now appears on well over 230 radio stations ... after he was told he would never work in radio again.

Since Todd made the move to Podcast-only, a long series of journalists and other media personalities have joined the "Parallel Information Economy."

Prior to radio, Todd was a field GM at Microsoft's MSN and a serial entrepreneur of venture-backed companies.

Todd lives in North Idaho with his family, he serves in the Youth and Business ministries at Real Life Ministries and, when not doing that, can be found in a CrossFit gym.

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