Developing a Reliable Talent Pipeline: A New Interest in Apprenticeships

Thursday, April 28, 2022
Jody Robbins

Jody Robbins

Apprenticeship Program Director
Washington State L&I


The pace of Baby Boomer retirements has accelerated in the past year as a result of the pandemic, creating a shortage of skilled workers. Due to this, employers across all industries are facing labor and talent shortages.

Businesses are rethinking how they can create a reliable pipeline of talent. A registered apprenticeship program can help businesses to develop a talent pipeline.

If this describes your business, you'll want to watch Jody Robbins' presentation on developing a talent pipeline through apprenticeships.

Jody Robbins, Apprenticeship Program Manager for the Washington State Department of Labor and Industry, joined CEOtoCEO to share information about the many opportunities employers have to develop a much needed talent pipeline through apprenticeships.

The development of a registered apprenticeship program is industry driven, with the State providing assistance and expertise.

Jody mentioned that the apprenticeship program historically has been dominated by the building and construction trades, however there is now a transition underway and many other, non-construction, occupations have created and put apprenticeship programs in place.

In Washington State, there are now over 200 sponsors providing over 500 occupations with 20,000-22,000 current participants in active apprenticeship programs.

Jody highlighted how the Information Technology, Healthcare, and Behavioral Health industries are now actively working with apprenticeship programs to expand their respective talent pipelines.

Jody talked about some of the requirements for sponsoring or developing an apprenticeship program. He shared that Federal Grant funding is in place to assist with Information Technology/Cyber Security opportunities within the utilities sector.

Washington State's Department of Labor and Industry offers free, professional assistance to employers looking to set up a registered apprenticeship program. Jody shared how employers can get started, and where to find the tools and assistance needed to develop a program.

Watch Jody's full presentation to gain access to the important information he shared, including the presentation materials and resources.

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