Next Generation High-Performing Health Systems

Thursday, November 18, 2021
Gary Daniels

Gary Daniels

Pacific NW CEO


Gary Daniels, Pacific NW CEO of UnitedHealthcare, joined CEOtoCEO to discuss the future of healthcare and Next Generation High-Performing Health Systems with a focus on the evolving Primary Care landscape.

Gary spoke about the challenging environment that business leaders are facing today, perhaps the most challenging in their careers. In the healthcare industry, the next set of challenges center around Primary Care. He identified both challenges and opportunities for Primary Care to shape the next generation healthcare systems.

Gary spoke to the definition of Primary Care, which is rapidly changing with new entrants with different business models, and changes within the Physician community. Physician influence on mergers and acquisitions, and growth continue to expand physician opportunity outside healthcare. He spoke briefly on the impact of State and Federal government regulation on the industry, and what UnitedHealthcare is doing in the State of Washington in this rapidly changing environment.

Gary said that workforce sustainability is the #1 topic with business leaders today. The pandemic has brought about stress and anxiety, both at work and at home. Due to this, many employees are leaving the workplace in what has been called "The Great Resignation". United Healthcare has seen this playing out in healthcare, and is further exacerbated due to vaccine mandates and staff burnout.

Gary explained that the physician landscape is more complex than ever with traditional physician groups like Physician-owned medical groups, Health system-owned medical groups and new players. The new players include the enablement partners, national medical group franchises, and virtual care organizations.

Gary shared details about the power physicians have today with Primary Care influencing $.63 of every healthcare dollar, including how value based care and payment methodologies are creating new influences in the healthcare system.

Gary discussed the site of care shifts away from hospitals, and the Federal Government's influence on driving a much better patient experience when being cared for in alternative settings, including the home.

In response to the ever-changing healthcare landscape, UnitedHealthcare is working with their sister company, Optum, on a redesigned ecosystem of care. Their goal is to transform and align care delivery, integrate payer and provider services, and deliver value-based care.

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