Hiring and Aligning Talent for Predictable Performance

Thursday, September 9, 2021
Mike Stewart

Mike Stewart

Predictive Group


Mike Stewart, Founder and CEO of Predictive Group, joined CEOtoCEO to share his expertise using predictive workforce analytics. The Predictive Group works with corporations around the world, including professional sports teams, state governments and the U.S. Navy. It serves a diverse list of organizations that use analytics for hiring and building, highly successful, productive teams.

Workforce analytics is a tool which includes predictive modeling and cognitive measurement, used to identify those who "can" among us; who they are, and how we can start to work with them in a new way.

Mike defined the analytic approach to human capital, and its impact on business. He described the challenges of identifying staff level employees for leadership roles. Selecting, growing, empowering and career mapping future leaders in the organization.

Mike recommends using workforce analytics to look at fixed and variable assets in your employees. Using behavioral and cognitive assessments, and choice evaluation along with the resume/CV, employers can identify and evaluate talent for selection, enablement or acceleration. Resumes look back at someone's capabilities while predictive analytics help employers evaluate a person's ability to be successful in the right position.

Mike stressed that people need to understand themselves fully, and know the demands of their job. This causes those who want to "win" to be self-diagnosing, self-starting and self-correcting employees.

He spent considerable time explaining the importance of genetics (behavior and cognitive), experience (resume), and the choices employees make to become top performing talent. Choices are the foundation for personal acceleration.

Using workforce analytics, business leaders can identify the genetic make-up needed for specific roles in the organization, and select candidates well matched for those opportunities.

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