December 8th CEOtoCEO Breakfast

“Changes in the Business Lending Landscape”

Al Davis and Bill Lawerence

Revitalization Partners

Thursday, December 8th, 2016

7:30am - 9:30am

The Bellevue Club

11200 SE 6th Street - Bellevue, WA

Non-members Welcome


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CEOtoCEO Breakfast Series

The CEOtoCEO Breakfast Series is an established forum exclusively for CEOs, Presidents, and Business Owners who are interested in collaborating with other leaders sharing their experiences and insights.

The breakfast is held six times a year at the Bellevue Club from 7:30 to 9:30 am.  Breakfast dates for 2014 are January 30, March 27, May 29, July 17, September 25 and November 20.


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CEO Showcase

We want to share with you what one of the Leaders in our area is doing and how they are making a difference in our community.

Allow us to introduce you to Kurt Dammeier, CEO of Sugar Mountain and Beecher’s who has created the Beecher’s Flagship Foundation, providing educational programs on healthy eating to Puget Sound schools.
Read more about Kurt on our blog post, Customers talk to others about the brands they trust.

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Customer Centric Innovation Teams

These groups of about 12 CEOs and Business Owners that come together each month for 4 hours to learn how to create a more Customer Centric organization. We focus on the latest Innovative thinking with specific takeaways to help their organizations become more differentiated and lead their industry. These groups are ALL ABOUT THE CUSTOMER - learning and sharing ideas with their fellow leaders. If you want to be the clear leader in your industry and become a more Customer Centric will love this group.

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CEO Discussions

We have a "private" CEOtoCEO Discussion Group on LinkedIn. It is designed for members to post questions where they would like to get the insights and input from fellow CEOs and Business Owners. It is also a great place to provide answers to other leaders questions. Sometimes we just share some useful information to the group as well. And sometimes we even conduct a poll just to see how leaders are feeling about a certain topic. No matter what, you will find it interesting and helpful...

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Excerpts from our Blog...
Key idea from the March 2016 CEOtoCEO Breakfast. Every CEO and business owner has big ideas that promise growth, but too often lead to products and services that don't deliver in the end. Why do so many ideas to add new growth to a business fail to deliver? From my experience working with many companies leaders that disable new growth opportunities ascribe to one of two strategies: Strategy du’ jour, a new strategy for new growth seemingly every day. This “seat of pants” approach creates activity but rarely results in accomplishment.  On the other end of the spectrum is Paralysis [more]
One of the unique features of the CEOtoCEO Breakfast is that it is a very interactive conversation between the CEO speaker and the CEO's participating at the breakfast.  At the July CEOtoCEO Breakfast Kevin Mather, President of the Seattle Mariners, provided an excellent overview of the business of baseball.  Kevin asked the CEOs for ideas on how baseball could attract and retain more young people to their game? As attracting and retaining youth is a relevant challenge to many CEOs Kevin's question sparked a lively brain storming session at the breakfast.  Working with those at their tables participating CEOs generated [more]
A Forgotten Art and Component of Effective Leadership…Listening
When people say the word “Leadership” there are lots of things that come to mind. Usually the comments center on someone who is strong, in control, good communicator, decision maker, and knowledgeable. While these are unquestionably important, there is one skill that truly differentiates the best leaders from average leaders…their ability to LISTEN. Listening in many ways is a lost art today. Everyone has lots to say and most aren’t afraid of telling us what they think. And add into the mix the Tsunami of Social Media adoption by leaders today and you have exponentially increased the volume [more]
How do you find winners in a competitive marketplace?
At last week's CEOtoCEO Breakfast speaker Bobby Herrera, President of the Populace Group, shared that one of the things that companies with great cultures do is select and hire the best people.  The following are some tips and tools I put together for you to help improve your employee selection process. Know what you are looking for. Many companies use job descriptions (if they use anything) to guide their hiring process. However, most job descriptions do not make a good tool for hiring because they only describe duties and responsibilities. Instead, using a job profile that identifies the specific results [more]
Why Organizational Culture Is Important
We spend 40 . . . or 45 . . . or 50 . . . or more hours at work each week. Many of us spend more time with those we work with than we do our families. For us to be content and fulfilled people, that time must be valuable for more than a dollar. . . We want to be engaged in our work. We yearn for work that is enjoyable, meaningful and engaging. When we are engaged we are safer on the job, more productive and more willing and able to delight Customers. It is for [more]
Millennials…One Thing They Want More of in Their Culture
There is a lot of talk about what Millennials want and don’t want in the workplace. While there might be a lot of aspects people don’t agree on, one that Harvard Business Review found most do agree on is the need for FEEDBACK and COACHING in the workplace. In a recent article, “Millennials want to be Coached at Work,” Millennials shared what they appreciate and found valuable as part of the culture of the organization. They crave — and respond to — a good, positive coach, who can make all the difference in their success. They conducted a survey of [more]